Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD is a branch of fluid mechanics that solve fluid flow problems through numerical methods with the aid of computers. The course will cover the basics of fluid mechanics, Mathematics, finite difference coding in Octave and solving problems using OpenFOAM (an open source software).


                A basic intro to physical governing equations and numerical methods. Steps involved in CFD and its advantages over experimental and analytical methods.


Fluid mechanics and mathematics – a review


Basics of fluid mechanics and mathematics will be extensively reviewed. Here we cover very basic topics of fluid mechanics and calculus so that the student can make a strong foundation.

Fluid mechanics

  • Continuum

  • Eulerian and Lagrangian approach

  • Flow properties

Vector mechanics

  • Scalar and vector product

  • Nabla operator

  • Gradient, Divergence and curl

  • Surface integral

  • Divergence theorem



  • Basics of Differential calculus

  • Partial differentiation and total differentiation

  • Exact and inexact differential


Governing equations

                As per JD Anderson, governing equations are like bread and butter of CFD. Till now we are collecting necessary tools so that we can lay our CFD foundation in a better way. The deriving governing equation is the first footstep into the world of computational fluid dynamics. Here we will cover

  • Substantial derivative

  • Conservation of mass and momentum in the differential form

  • Energy and RANS equation


Coding in Octave

                Every CFD software works based on Finite difference or finite volume coding. FDM is the fundamental numerical technique that has been coded in the early 1960s by NASA to solve their aerodynamic problems.  It is necessary to learn some of the basic codes before start using FVM solvers.

  • Taylors series

  • Finite difference technique (FDM)

  • Introduction to coding

  • Solving FDM problems in Octave


Solving CFD problems in OpenFOAM 

                OpenFOAM is one of the similar software like ANSYS FLUENT/ CFX and star CCM+. All of them works on FVM solver. Here you will be learning

  • Mesh creation and mesh conversion

  • Handling different boundary condition and solver settings

Simple flow problems in OpenFOAM

Practise problems based on the theory.

Course Syllabus: