This course is designed for 3D modellers, who has basic knowledge in solidworks. This course defines an alternate approach to parametric modelling with In-context modelling, which is prevalent in many large scale assembly models.

Types of projection:

     Concepts of projection and standard methods used in India.

Top down approach:

     An introduction into top down modelling in Solidworks.

In-context constraints:

     An approach into in-context constraints Vs regular assembly constraints.

Environment setup:

     Setting up the basic working environment for users.


Sketch creation with constraints:

     Creating basic sketches with constraints) to aid in part modelling.


Feature-based Part design with parameters:

     Creating parts with parameters in the 3D workspace. Includes Boolean operation to aid in designing complex parts.

Multi-body part design using contour modelling:

     Create parts using multi-body parts. It's a part of the feature-based part design.

Assembly design:

      Creating an assembly using both top-down and bottom-up approach.



     Creating a technical drawing with custom made templates.

Surface modelling:

     Creating shapes and surfaces with splines and curves.

Motion Study:

     Introduction to basic animation along with video rendering.

Course Syllabus (Intermediate):